Welcome to Getting with the Giver - SCB 7th Grade Edition!

Your mission: match the word taken from or inspired by Lois Lowry's awesome book THE GIVER with the answer that BEST defines it(the answer can not be a word that is in the definition). The quicker you match the word to the definition, the more points you score. Warning: misses lower your score. To begin, click on 10 or 20 to set your word count and start your game.

Very special thanks to SCB's super 7th Grade of 2015-16 and the eternally giving, indefatigable Francine Eisenmann. This is a St. Charles Borromeo - DoAndYouWillLearn Educational Fusion!

Welcome to
The definition will appear here.
Hope you had some fun and learned a thing or two. If you'd like to see this game enriched with more content or you'd like to have a similar game developed for your school or orgranization send a request to hoc@doandyouwilllearn. Thanks.

If you see a St. Charles Borromeo 7th Grader, tell them well done for their excellent contributions toward Getting It with the Giver. They've earned the PRESTIGE!


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