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Please choose the number of players or teams.

How to Play:

1)Click on ScraZzle!

2)Ponder the clue/question and blanks that come to screen. Then press the GO button.

3)Scrambled letters appear. Tap the letter that goes in the YELLOW box. Or tap any blank (turning it YELLOW) and tap the letter for that blank.


4)You get a descending amount of points for each correct guess. I.e., if the answer contains 10 characters, your first correct answer earns 10 points. Then 9... 8... down to 1.

5)When you complete the answer, you get a 20 POINT BONUS and SPEED points from the countdown clock.

*Remember, you are racing the COUNTDOWN CLOCK. The shorter the word, the less time you have.

**If there are multiple players. Players go in order from 1 to 6. When a player makes a mistake, the next in line gets to go. So be very careful about erring toward the end of the answer and allowing your opponent to scoop up the bonus!

When you are ready... ScraZzle!

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