Water is...

Thirst quenching... powerful... healing... and potentially dangerous.
H20 is part of everything on the planet. Even our own bodies are more than 50% water. In other words, H20 is vital to all life.

Here's how to play:

Click on the PLAY balloon on the bottom nav bar to start the quiz. A statement about water will come to screen. Read it and decide whether it's TRUE(T) or FALSE(F). The quicker you answer, the more BONUS POINTS you'll score(up to 29). Points aren't nearly as precious as water, but you don't want to waste any - wrong guesses cost you 10 points. Think, analyze, drink in the possibilities before you answer.

This game was inspired by Mrs. Elaine Mendelow and the Cinnaminson Water Festival! To have a customized version of this quintessential decision making tool developed for you or your organization, eMailHoc with contact information.

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The quicker you answer the more points you score. Caution - each wrong guess costs 1/3 of the questions value.
The ANSWER will appear here followed by 2 choices in the forms of questions.