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How to Get Your 5 On:

A game consists of 5 lists in which 5 out of 7 choices are correct. Each correct choice in the list escalates your LIST POINTS exponentially(1,2,4,8,16). But if you miss, the list closes and you lose your current list's points.
Heads up mis amigos, some choices are en EspaƱol.
Going 5 for 5 all 5 times, will net you 155 points and the right to get high-5's from everyone you know. The question is do you have the gumption to go for it? TO begin click your name. If you're name is not on the list or you'd like to play anonymously, click Gimme 5.

Warning: you may become a Gimme 5 Fanatic.

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Attention all educators! Gimme 5 can be customized with your content. Just sayin' if you want to get into the game email hoc

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