Click/ZAP the vowel that goes in the (YELLOW HIGHLIGHTED BOX). You get 1 ZAP plus 2 times the number of vowels in the word. So, for a word with 3 vowels, you start with 7 ZAPS. When you guess incorrectly, you lose a ZAP. When you're out of ZAPS you lose 5 points.

You get bonus points for speed.

Scoring: bonus points plus 5 points for each unused ZAP.

Game ends when gameTime runs out. Or, you may end the game by clicking Z-end at the bottom of the screen. To reset length of timed games, CLICK THE CLOCK on the bottom bar.

To hide the RULES, click HERE or clic the ? at the bottom of the screen.

Welcome to Zapeti Zopity Zu with New Albany School

Click Z to begin

So I got this craZy idea to challenge 2nd graders to come up with the words for this game. They could have been laZy. Instead, they were amaZing! They delivered more than 300 highly interesting words.

Kudos to New Albany School's zenZational students and teachers for helping to produce a howl of a vowel and vocabulary game.

The game concludes when you click Z-end at the bottom of the screen. For RULES click the ?Mark at the bottom of the screen. Begin the game by clicking a CLASS.