Welcome to DoAndYouWillLearn's Define9 - Elementary Level!

This game is designed for in class or group competition between up to 3 players or teams. Subject matter is by category and will be updated. In fact, if you have content you'd like to see in the game, eMail Me. Scoring is based on the question value (30, 60, 90) plus speed BONUS points(shown on the timer). Incorrect answers lose the points of the selection (30, 60 or 90). After a miss, click a PLAYER and try another answer or click GO to return to the selection board. There are 9 questions per game. The game will record and remember winning scores until you leave the game, giving each player a new number. So you can have an ultimate champion.

Click 1, 2, or 3 to assign the number of players and start the game.

Do! Learn! Have fun!

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Welcome to Define9. To begin, tap a VALUE BOX in the category you want.

The ANSWER will appear here followed by 4 choices in the forms of questions.

Guess How Much What Do You Mean By That? Who Knows These Things