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To build your version of this tale, click or tap on the choice you like best. Bam, it gets into the story. Then the next set of choices will come to screen. Choose again. When you've completed all 22 selections, your story will appear. Read it and enjoy! Read it aloud. Then try again with a friend or family member to build the story with different choices.

Have fun!

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Like me, this concept, is a work in progress. eMail me what you liked, how to improve, and if you'd like me (and kids) to write more of these tap-it-out-together tales.

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COOPX was having one of those days that his SABA would call rather UNLUCKY. In other words, it wasn’t a good day.

First COOPX’s pet LOBSTER YELLED “get out of bed you LAZY child.”

COOPX GROANED then rolled over and FELL out of his soaking wet bed. No, COOPX did not wet it. Rain came through his broken window. It broke when COOPX SLUGGED.

COOPX was so late getting up he didn’t have time to COMB his hair. And, he missed his usual BUS ride to school. Instead, he had to RUN to school. He was in such a GIGANTIC hurry that he knocked a big jar of CLING PEACHES off the shelf and the CLING PEACHES SMUSHED all over his head.

His curly blonde hair turned into a sticky CLING PEACHES GINORMOUS MESS. Even worse, a FLOCK OF ANGRY BIRDS kept chomping on his hair to eat the CLING PEACHES.

By the time he got to school, COOPX looked like A HALF-EATEN MARTIAN!

Lucky for COOPX, it was October 31. Even though he overslept and totally forgot to wear a costume, COOPX won the Halloween contest by A HUNDRED votes. Everyone in school thought he was the SCARIEST kid ever. So, yeah, it may have been COOPX's HORRIBLE hair day, but it was also the most FUNX day of his life!

Educators and Parents...

Adhering to the DO-and-YOU-will-LEARN philosophy, kids and I have been doing stories like this for years. Now as a kind of app, you can do it without me. Please let me know what you think. If you want me to create more of these email WE WANT MORE.

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On second thought, if you're as excited about engaging students in creative thinking as I am, invite me to your class or educational event. We can brainstorm your story. If you're not within my sphere of travel, maybe we can iChat, Google or Skype call. To get the process started, shoot me an email. Cost?... You decide what it's worth to you and what you can afford.

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