Legend has it that the ancient Chinese philosopher, Confucius, said "Hear and you will forget. See and you will remember. DO and YOU WILL LEARN!"

Thanks to open-minded teachers and enthusiastic kids, I'm convinced Confucius knew what he was talking about – Do And YOU WILL Learn! The philosophy works and kids have a lot of fun while building true self-esteem during the process.

Since 2008, I've been fortunate to do and learn with first through seventh graders from the heart of Camden, NJ to the eastern reaches of Long Island. I'm continuously adding new pieces to this website to showcase what kidZ can DO and, here comes the shameless plug, and what an experienced but still eager to learn creative can do for or with you.

Browse some GAMES. TAP-OUT-A-TALE or two. Play the latest howl of a vowel game Zapety Zopity Zu Parkway Style!. If you find value or have fun, let me know. Better yet, invite me to present at an assembly/event, create a game customized with your content, or simply read to and energize your class email me.


Had a wonderful weeklong workshop with Mindbytes! Check out our awesome comprehension and vocabulary game ScraZzle To really excel at the game, you'll have to read the book we brainstormed - Wallo's Dilemma Now available on Amazon

New book dreamed up with Parkway Elementary School's 4th Grade Phenoms, The Curious Rise of Deztinee Snearts


Get Water Wise: Facts & Fictions About H20oooooh! developed for the 2016 Cinnaminson Water Festival

PLAY Zapeti Zopity Zu With Mrs. B's Water Whizzes A Howl of Vowel Game

Or the new 304 word version ZAP-ZOP-ZU-ED with words supplied and voiced by New Albany School super second graders.

Spelling Starter! Spell 9

Faster Than Jeopardy Define 9 Elementary Version


Building a word/vocabulary game customized for your class is a one or two visit project. Dreaming up/brainstorming a class story can be managed in two visits - writing it, well that's a significantly longer challenge. If you've got the right students with the right environment. it may be a challenge worth taking. In either case, I'm always game to WRITE SOMETHING.


Want to build vocabulary? Test comprehension? Learn history? Make it fun. Have your students provide much of the content, turn it into an interactive computer game with their voices and images and... voilà!


"Hochman wears many hats, as a storyteller, author, game designer, and much more. His programs are cross-curricular and tie into the Core Content Standards beautifully..."

"... During his time with each group, he connected with them, made learning fun, and fostered a genuine passion for literacy throughout our student body."

"The assembly was very interactive and fun for our students. They enjoyed the book immensely..."

"The students enthusiastically responded to Mr. Hochman's zeal and charismatic spirit. His passionate and animated reading drew the students into the story..."



laZy, craZy & amaZing got me into the "publishing game" in 2012 when young audiences demanded I turn this story into a book and they illustrate it! Fifteen illustrations from budding artists in more than a dozen elementary schools brought Z's story to life. Since then, I published more books with multiple stories dreamed up for kids WITH KIDS. All books are available in paperback and Kindle format. See more the S.Hochman page on Amazon. In April of 2016, created a new web app that allows kids to help TAP OUT A TALE by customizing character names, adjectives and actions. Yeah, it's kind of like Mad Libs but with plots dreamed up WITH KIDS.

And then...

If you don't see a game you'd like to customize or a book you'd like to read, no problem. If you're game, I'M GAME. Let's create something new. Ready to dream up a story, I'm ready to tap-out-a-tale or dream with you. Maybe even WRITE IT. Conditions: whatever we DO must come from the heart with reasonable expectations and a we're in this together spirit.


The "we" is you and me. You probably know who you are. If not, after creating a DoAndLearn project or two, you'll know. As for me? In my 7th decade of life, I'm still a work in progress... doing, learning; striving to be a better father, grandfather, husband, writer, presenter, app/game developer and positive contributor to the human experiment. Curious to know more? Check the ABOUT page. Or, get some insights from the books available on Amazon. Search for S F Hochman. If you like what you see, please invite me to present to your students or organization or for us to create something together.


Thoughts? Comments? Email me