Educational games and apps provide a good outlet for students to Do and Learn while earning true self esteem. I've been producing interactive computer games for schools and organizations for more than a decade. The latest entries work as web apps across all platforms and devices, accessible for students in school and home. Most games can be customized with your content very cost effectively. Many are made WITH KIDS providing content and/or soundbites. Browse around for short descriptions. Roll over(or touch) an image to expand the description, then click on the links to play a sample.

Zapeti Zoputy Zu

Somewhere between Hangman and Wheel of Fortune. Zapety Zopity Zu is a howl of a vowel game perfect for improving spelling, vocabulary and story comprehension. This version is based on a book dreamed up with Parkway Elementary's 4th Grade Class of 2018 The Curious Rise of Deztinee Snearts.
The game's words are vibrantly voiced by some very expressive and exuberant aspiring talents!

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Getting with The Giver produced with 7th Graders at St. Charles Borromeo delivers an exciting way to review a classic book. Students identified, defined and announced words for the game. Imagine what your class can do? Play Getting with The Giver.

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Facts & Fictions About H20oh? presents an array of true or false challenge about the world's dwindling safe water supply. It was developed in conjunction with the 2016 Cinnaminso Water Festival. Feel free to use it to educate your community about this vital natural resource.


IT HAPPENED WHEN? may turn out to be a game of historical proportions. Not because it's that great. It's just about history - 20th Century inventions, innovations and events. This style game can be quickly and easily customized to other time periods or multiple choice quizzes that always have the same set categories for answers. Check it out.


It's not that hard to find one or two synonyms for a word or phrase. This game challenges players to GIMME 5. Not only does it take a good vocabulary to excel in this list-style game. It takes courage, pluck, nerve, audacity and... you come up with a fifth one! Content and voicing provided by Mr. J's 5th graders at Molina School in Camden. GIMME 5 can be customized for any grade level with words of your choosing.


It's kind of like Jeopardy - but with multiple choice and bonus points for speed. This Elementary version has 3 fun categories aimed at math, vocabulary and interesting facts from history and science. It allows for 3 teams so the 9 question games can move fast and allow for lots of fun competitions.


Very much like DEFINE 9, but designed to help new readers learn to spell common words. Fast, short and great for at home or in class competition.


WordZee is Hangman turborcharged and with no "hangings." It's all positive and upbeat as elementary schoolers increase their vocabularies and improve spelling. It's hosted by "Z" from the book laZy, craZy & amaZing. Rightly so, since most of the words are extracted from the book.


Created for and with Temple Sinai Hebrew School students. This awesome multiple answer or ListBlitz game is a fun example of what kids can come up with. It calls for knowledge, daring and speed. Think of how you can build a similar ListBlitz style game based on your content.


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