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It started on a craZZZZZZZy note...

One cold morning at 3 A.M., the letter Z came to me and demanded to have his story told. Why?... Because Z was tired of being last! I listened. Then I wrote Z's story. A week later, the I began a reading tour of Z's lament to children of all ages. They listened. They empathized. They imagined. And, many proclaimed "I want to illustrate" Z's story. Children illustrate a book? Brilliant! Faster than you can say ZAPETI-ZOPITY-ZU, I put together an illustration contest with BookMates of Southern NJ Organization. After a few months and more than a dozen assemblies, the adorably illustrated laZy, craZy & amaZing: The Z-quillustration became available on
Enthralled by the entire process, and being more craZZZZy than laZZZZZy I churned out more stories for kids WITH KIDS. By Fall 2016, with the help and inspiration of several hundred enthusiastic young story dreamers, "editors," illustrators and listeners I, I put six more books in print. Curious to see what we've produced?... Please, browse and click around!

The Curious Rise of Deztinee Snearts

The Curious Rise of Deztinee Snearts

Fun-loving but fragile, fourth grader Deztinee Snearts dares to oppose Damian Witherspoon Prezby in a race for school president. She immediately shoots to the top of Prez's "To Destroy List." Fourth grade becomes miserable for Dezti and caustically chaotic for her classmates under the "rule of President Prezby." Enter a wise librarian, an all-you-can-eat buffet of books to feed her curiosity, and a mysterious muse that connects Dezti to the Universe. Thus begins her CURIOUS RISE.

This book was dreamed up with Parkway Elementary's imaginative 4th Grade Class of 2018. It aspires to showcase the values of civility, humility and TRUTH that were embodied in Mrs. Harriet Stearns, Parkway Elementary's first librarian. Harriet had a gift for reading to children and getting parent volunteers involved in the school library and reading community. Check out Zapety Zopity Zu - Parkway Style, a companion vocabulary game featuring the voices of many Parkway vocabularians.
To purchase the paperback or Kindle version of THE CURIOUS RISE OF DEZTINEE SNEARTS, please visit... Amazon

laZy, craZy & amaZing

laZy, craZy & amaZing...

laZy, craZy and amaZing the ZequIllustration is amaZingly illustrated by elementary school kids from South Jersey. Their imaginative renderings reinforce the message be happy with who you are to kids of ALL AGES. Z is available internationally in all formats including Kindle and paperback on Amazon.
For more information, watch the teacher testimonial below.

After you read the book, play Z's vocabulary game WordZee

United We Rise


UNITED WE RISE! features 4 books in one, with the universal theme of WELCOMING a new student into the school community or family. In addition to dreaming up the plots and characters, more than 40 students gave up multiple lunch hours and recesses to participate in giving voice to an audio version. That version was available online from May 2014 thru May 26, 2015.
For more information about the fabulous 4 stories, visit Amazon

MISTER Fancy Dancer


MISTER FANCY DANCER was dreamed up with more than 30 5th graders at Whittier Family School in Camden, NJ. Many of the students are featured in the illustrations. This chapter book is available as an interactive book for iPad, and as an interactive book and app on Google Play and the Amazon App Store. The interactive versions include narration by Hochman and more than a dozen Whittier students and a 30+ challenge quiz. Reading level 5th grade and UP! You can get a sense of the student engagement by checking out "The Making of Mister Fancy Dancer" video below...
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Bet You Cannot Eat Just One


Ever have your stomach talk to you? Boss you around? How 'bout talk to and even threaten your friends? Yes, clearly Grace's stomach is out of control. How she gets control back is a story about true friendship. This story was dreamed up with three imaginative and adorable first graders - Chiemela, Leopold and Sidney. These standouts from Ms McAnulty's 2013-2014 class joined me in presenting part of the book in a reading before more than 200 adult BookMates, teachers, principals, even the mayor of Camden. Below is OUR NARRATED version of the book.
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Mr. Hocklenutty's Magic Glasses

Mr. Hocklenutty's Magic Glasses bridges the generation gap (between kind of old and kind of young). It was dreamed up with first graders in Willingboro and illustrated with 4th graders in Pennsauken. (Reading level 1st and 2nd grade.) Check out the iBooks version that includes audio and an interactive quiz - produced with Pennsauken’s gifted and talented 4th graders available in the iTunes Store.
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The air turns toxic, animals develop the ability to speak and problem solve. An uncoventional self-anointed hero arises. This former bullying-victim suddenly gains leverage over his previous tormentors. How does he handle it? How do they handle it?... Find out at Amazon

THE BOOK THAT WILL NOT OPEN... ...The Hearts That Refuse to Close

This book winds together 4 heartfelt stories rich in human values that reinforce the importance of fairness, social justice, hope and faith. It was soulfully dreamed up with Politz Day School and Kellman Brown Academy second through fourth graders. What came from their hearts will touch the hearts of people of all ages.
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Wet-ucating My Big Sister

Wet-ucating My Big Sisters: the unlikely journey of a kooky 4th grader

What happens when a ten year old who cares a little too much about the world’s waning safe water supply realizes that his teenage sister may be the world’s biggest water waster? For Matthew Edison Jowell the challenges are daunting. He tries blaming. Shaming. And, eventually educating. Nothing seems to work until...
This book was inspired and partially sponsored by the vitally important Cinnaminson Water Festival and Project WET. The story was brainstormed and developed with Mrs Barker's 4th grade water wonders and creative thinkers at Eleanor Rush Intermediate School. Check out the companion vocabulary and comprehension game featuring their precious and precocious voices. They are awesome.
Available in paperback or Kindle. For purchasing options, please visit...Amazon

Kids Inspire...

Kids, actually thoughtful imaginative people, of all ages, inspire me. I began doing this to engage young minds in reading and writing. To my surprise, the books produced are often as enriching and valuable as the process. If you have a class or group interested in a wonderful creative experience

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Along with each book/story, the gameGuy in me produces a companion vocabulary/comprehension quiz. For a sample, check out the The Book That Will Not Open version of Zapeti Zopity Zu

All books are available at Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats. Just search for S Hochman.

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