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When I finish reading our story and a student (or 2 or 3) exclaim they're ready to start a sequel, I'm well... I'm VERKLEMPT*. After I finally find words to speak, I declare: "Sequel? You write it!" That's what this is ABOUT - DO and YOU will LEARN.
Below are a few more simple philosophies...


Everyone is an author! You, me, young old, we're continuously writing and rewriting stories – if not with words, with deeds. Kids' stories come from their deeds and their dreams. Some kids can share them at the drop of a hat. Others have them locked away. I've found that brainstorming stories with kids provides the key to unlock their imaginations and discover what's on their minds and in their hearts. Usually what's in their hearts touches mine... and our readers.

So what qualifies me to give voice to other peoples dreams and deeds, ideas and issues?... Spanning four decades of professional writing experience, I've composed hundreds of speeches and scripts for Fortune 500 companies. I've been volunteering in schools since the early 1990s, including BookMating since 2006. Between Spring 2012 and Winter 2015, I published seven books featuring 13 original stories and written nine more with 200 3rd graders (in NY) that were printed up just for their school's use.

Do And You Will Learn is more about the journey than the destination. During the process, students are invited inside my old, gray head. They learn what fits into a plot and what does not; they get a sense for character development, conflict, and problem resolution. Most importantly, they get energized about creating something out of nothing and look at writing and reading as productive fun rather than chores that get in the way of what they rather be doing.

If you're up for a good read, check out our BOOKS. If you're up for a write, make CONTACT.


*Verklempt is that yiddish-yinglish-made-famous-by-SNL word that kind of means "I'm choked up with emotion." The emotion, though, is so wondrous that there really is no word for it. In return, I give a cornucopia of undefinable thanks to those many, many kids who've gotten me VERKLEMPT!


The "we" is you and me. You probably know who you are. If not, after creating a DoAndLearn project or two, you'll know. As for me? Well, some call me Mr. Book. Others, Mr. Z, Mr. Hocklenutty, the GameGuy, even Mr. Steve or Mr. Hoc. On Amazon, search for S F Hochman. What you call me is not nearly as important as what we create by doing and learning together. Most important is the esteem and self-confidence students gain from the process.



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