If you were expecting an APP as in application, sorry this page is for APPreciation. We appreciate the kind words and gestures from students, educators and media people. If you've got some words of praise or appreciation of a book or project to share, by all means email and we'll add your comment at the next update. If you have something not so nice (: to say, but it's aimed at improving the DoAndYouWillLearn product or process, please email your suggestion or criticism as well. If we learn from it, we'll let you know and show our appreciation. So, thanks in advance!

In the News:

The illustration contest for laZy, craZy & amaZing earned some media recognition for the schools and amaZing kids that composed and delivered the adorable and insightful images. Positive recognition leads to confidence, the confidence to succeed in school and life. Hopefully, more collaborations will lead to more self-esteem building coverage for kids in many districts.

If you're interested, click a headline below to go to the media sites with the stories:
      • CBS PHILLY: BookMates Help Kids in Camden Publish a Book
      • "Inspired by reading to kids, BookMate becomes author"
      • "If laughter and smiles were any indicators..."
      • "Student illustrations featured in book"